Great Food and Community is our business. We are a passionate and dedicated team that provides exceptional food and service to our cafe patrons and for a wide variety of events across the Sunshine Coast. Our Cafe offers daily menu options that are freshly made in-house. We cater to all your needs from dinner parties, weddings to corporate events, staff parties, and more.

We offer fresh and top-quality ingredients selected from local partners, and our menus are thoughtfully created to make your event unique and memorable. We also provide skilled staff for your needs, and we can also provide the venue for your next event/party.

Our venue is spacious, warm, and licensed for any celebration.

Gourmet Girl Davis Bay Sunshine Coast BC
Gourmet Girl Davis Bay Sunshine Coast BC


Nicole’s passion for shopping, cooking and hosting great parties are behind all of the creative elements of Gourmet Girl. With a passion for anything aesthetic, Nicole combines her creative prowess with Paolo’s business sense to create the super team that is Gourmet Girl Cafe & Catering.

Gourmet Girl Davis Bay Sunshine Coast BC


The friendliest face at Gourmet Girl, Paolo’s day consists of a lot more than just shaking hands and kissing babies...although he does that a lot!  His patience, wisdom and wicked sass make him the café comedian, diplomat and, most importantly, the voice of reason in a business filled with Gourmet “girls”.  Besides handling the finance responsibilities for Gourmet Girl, he also is the clean up crew, delivery driver - truly the jack of all trades.